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7 Things To Include In Baby’s Diet : Baby’s Brain Development And Cognitive Skills

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This article is very important for those mothers, whose children are in the growing stage and in initial phase of learning. In some kids, the problem is that their physical development is going well but mental development is delayed. This starts becoming obvious to parents when baby is 1.5 years of age but the learning is not as per time elapsed. 

Why Cognitive Skills Of Baby Is Delayed

This may be due to lack of important nutrients. What is lacking? Which food items are missing due to which the focus, concentration and learning power of children is decreasing. Child is not able to learn, and many more problems are related to mental disorder are there. In this article you will know some such foods items which will be extremely beneficial for your childs brain development. 

Vitals for Brain Development of Kids

For the mental development of kids, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitaminE and protein play a great role. If you want your child to be intelligent, concentration power and  learning skills to be improved, then include food items in diet containing these vital nutrients. These food items may be a good choice :



Fish contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. You can try diferent receipes of fish your kids would like like fish curry, fish pakodas, fish fry, roasted fish, fish soup etc.

Soybean and Lentils 

You can give soybean, lentils and pulses to the child. Soya beans contain antioxidants, high protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients that are linked to various health benefits.


Eggs are very good source of protein. Boiled egg and egg omelette  is a good choice.


Walnuts are also rich source of  omega 3 fats. They improve the nervous system of the child and help in boosting brain development. 


Seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are good source of omega 3 fats and zinc. Zinc is a type of mineral that promotes brain structure and cognitive processing of information. You can roast and grind all of these 3 seeds in equal amount and make a powder. This becomes a best powder to be added in milk for kids. Take max 1 Tea Spoonful in a glass of milk. Adjust accordingly to the quantity. 


Almonds are a healthy nut that contains magnesium, vitaminE and protein. It is very beneficial in increasing the memory of children because it is rich in omega 3 fats. You can give soaked almonds to kids for maximum benefits. Soak a handful of almonds in a bowlful of water overnight. In the morning remove the brown skin of almonds before giving in any form to the kid. If your kid can it asis its good else make a paste and add it to the milk.  

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain a very good amount of folic acids and iron. Specially if we talk about spinach, there is a lot of folic acid in spinach. Other vegetable is bean. It is beneficial in the development of the childs brain as well as promotes intellectual functions.

Apart from this, if you are cooking anything for your child, then keep in mind that you should not use refined oils. Instead use canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or mustard oil or ghee as a healthier option.

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