Symptoms of 7 Month of Pregnancy – Baby and Pregnant Women

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In this article we are going to understand what all changes during 7th month of the pregnancy is seen in pregnant women, what all symptoms are there of the 7th month of the pregnancy,  about the baby we will understand how much the baby has developed,  what all organs have formed and what you should do during 7th month of the pregnancy.

7 Month of Pregnancy

So first of all we will start with the development of the baby so far so understanding the 7th month of pregnancy.  In terms of the weeks,  it is approximately between 28th to 31th week of the pregnancy as you are in your 7th month. It is the last trimester of pregnancy, that is, the third trimester. Now by this time the baby has developed inside the womb, all the prominent organs have formed and if the baby takes the birth in this month,  that is, the seventh month, there are high chances that the baby can survive.

Know what is your month and week of pregnancy and about delivery date

Now while we are saying this thing because if the baby is born before 7th month of the pregnancy then the baby is tagged as pre-premature baby. The premature baby would not be having good respiratory system because the lungs have not developed properly by now. Also the mental ability of the baby can be somehow less because the brain development is still going on.

The Baby’s Movement in 7th Month of Pregnancy

The baby is quite strong. The strong baby movements and kicks, pregnant women can feel.  The movements are so clear that you can see also the stretching of your skin where the baby will move his or her arms or limbs. You can also see this effect on your stomach as the baby moves your tummy takes the shape in accordance temporarily.

Baby’s Senses Development by 7th Month

Baby is able to open the eyes close the eyes perfectly. The baby is now responding to various things like intensity of the light, the intensity of the sound and whatever you are eating. As the baby’s hearing capability is also very strong, the baby can understand the voices or the sounds that are coming from outside the womb. So this is the best time to connect with your baby because the baby can hear your voice, has a close connection with you because the baby has heard you more often. So try to communicate with your baby as much as you can to make this bond stronger.

Also make sure that there is no sudden or a harsh sound because the baby can get terrified inside the womb. Whensoever you notice that there may be something that the baby can feel discomfort about, try to traverse your hand over your stomach. The sensation of waving your hands around your stomach can be felt and understood by the baby inside the womb. The baby gets cozy that there is someone who is taking care of him/her.

fat over weight in pregnancy

Baby Weight and Length by 7th Month of Pregnancy

If we understand about the weight and the length of the baby. The lengthwise the baby may vary because it depends upon parents as well. But the range is somehow between 15 to 16 inches. The weight should be approximately 2.5 to 3 pounds(lb) that is approximately 1 kg or around 1 kg.

Symptoms of 7th Month of Pregnancy

  1. Now let us understand the symptoms that you will see in your 7th month of the pregnancy.
  2. You will find difficulty in walking because there is pressure on the limbs and the bladder.
  3. Also you can feel some sort of abdominal discomfort and contractions.
  4. Now your baby bump is big so you would find difficulty in bending also.
  5. There will be problem of swelling, so might be you are having problem in standing or sitting for long hours. Avoid this thing because this will only increase the problem of swelling
  6. Mood swing is also a very common problem during this time.
  7. Some women would notice vaginal discharge. This is common until its smelly or irritating or raise your temperature.
  8. Other concerns are like breeding gums, fatigue, headache, dizziness.
  9. Heartburn, gastric issue, indigestion are also very common during 7 month of the pregnancy.
  10. Some women can also see the problem of varicose vein, that is the swelling or the inflammation in your leg veins. If you’re feeling excessive pain, you must be consulting your gynaecologist for this.
  11. Frequent urination is one more thing that you will notice and this is just because that the weight of the baby is falling now on your bladder.
  12. The baby is gaining weight so you need to understand that your weight will increase rapidly now. This is a very common thing you should not be anxious on this.

Advice for 7th Month of Pregnancy

This is about 7 month of your pregnancy, the baby and you, what all things you would be feeling. Best is to take care of yourself by having a proper diet. Be in consistent touch with your doctor. The visits to the doctor should not be avoided.

drinking less water in pregnancy

Staying hydrated, that is drinking at least 3 litres of water per day, will resolve your so many problems like swelling, constipation, blotting, low amniotic fluid level etc.

Apart from this you should start your pregnancy yoga or exercise under the supervision of a trainer. Else it is always considered better to go for a morning walk and the evening walk for at least 30 minutes.

Make sure that you are not sleeping wrong way during this time because sleeping now on your stomach or on your back will bring so many problem to you. Sleeping by your left hand side would be the best position for you so that the nutrients, the blood supply and the oxygen reaches to the baby in right amount.

So this was all about the 7th month of the pregnancy. If you have gained some valuable information from this article, kindly share this information with others. Read more pregnancy related articles on Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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