How To Improve Sperm Quality and Sperm Count

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For conception, it is very important for a man to have a minimum number of sperms in the semen and their required agility. If the quality or count of sperms is not proper then you will face problems while planning for pregnancy.

Sperm quality varies with season, age and time. Let us understand when sperm quality is at its best and what you should do to improve sperm quality.

Semen quality and sperm count decreases depending on these factors

Sperm quality is not the same throughout time, it varies with your age as well as with different seasons of the year.
As you age, the quality of sperms declines. Although men can produce sperm throughout their lives, as men progress in their lives, sperm count, motility, and semen quality decline. Young males are more fertile but then it has been observed that the quality of semen varies with the seasons. When it is summer season, semen quality and sperm count are not as good as the quality of semen during rainy season or cold season.


How does semen quality decrease?

  • Sperm production and quality decrease when the environment is hot, so it is always advisable not to be in high temperatures when you are facing problems like low sperm count.
  • You should not do heavy exercises as they increase body heat which reduces the quality of sperm.
  • Do not keep the laptop on your lap during work.
  • You should also avoid taking a sauna bath.
  • Sitting for a long time without a break creates heat in the body, which is absolutely not a good condition for a healthy life.
    All these things generate heat, which reduces sperm production and the quality of your sperm.


How to increase semen, sperm quality or count

  • Moderate exercise is good as it enhances the quality of your sperm.
    Try sports like running, football, swimming as this will increase the level of testosterone, which is the male sex hormone in your body, which will increase the production of sperm. But as already said, don’t do anything extra as it will create extra heat which will retard the production of sperms.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. Tight clothing reduces cross-ventilation of air in the body. It is always advisable not to wear tight jeans as such clothes can overheat your body and reproductive organs, which reduces the mobility of sperms. However, if the temperature of the reproductive organs is low, their functioning improves. That is why the quality of sperms increases in cold weather or in rainy season. This indirectly suggests that males are more fertile in colder regions or cooler climates.
  • In addition, you should eat a healthy diet. Your diet should contain adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, selenium as all these minerals are essential for improving sperm quality. The foods you should include in your diet are multi-grain breads which will provide you with plenty of vitamins as well as carbohydrates. Seafood such as fish, fruits, green vegetables, dried fruits, all these are very important for increasing sperm count and overall quality of semen.

If you are facing problems related to low sperm count then you should take care of all these things. If you understand what to eat, how to live and what not to do, then the quality of your sperm will be good and your capacity will increase. The things mentioned in this article are beneficial for you, but if you have this problem then you also need to take medical advice from your doctor.

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