Bottle Gourd During Pregnancy – Why Women Eat Gourd

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What all benefits pregnant women get by eating bottle gourd vegetable or drinking bottle gourd juice,  which all  properties are there in bottle gourd.

 Bottle gourd  has many nutrients that women need during pregnancy like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin-A, vitamin-C and many more. During pregnancy, the digestive system of pregnant women becomes very weak, due to which women start having problems like constipation, acidity, lack of appetite. Due to this women don’t want to eat at times and so makes her baby in womb unhealthy. You must consume bottle gourd during this time because it makes your digestion process robust and relieves you of so many stomach related disorders. 

Bottle gourd contains fiber, which is very beneficial in digesting your food and it is also very helpful in keeping your stomach clean. Gourd contains plenty of water so it hydrates your body as well. It is very beneficial to solve the problems related to urine like urine infections. If you drink bottle gourd juice, then it keeps your body fresh, it does not let you get tired and it keeps your whole body detoxed. 

Women who take more stress 

If you take too much, gourd is very helpful to relieve stress and to provide coolness to the body and mind. Bottle gourd juice is also very beneficial to control cholesterol level due to which you reduce the risk of heart related problems. Risk of heart related problems is also reduced to the baby growing in the womb. 

So you will get many benefits of eating gourd during pregnancy, but keep in mind that if the gourd is bitter then you do not consume it because bitter gourd or drinking juice also creates a risk of miscarriage somewhere.

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