Garbh Sanskaar : Instil Moral and Cultural Value in Baby During Pregnancy

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What is Garbh Sanskaar

Can a baby inside a womb learn the values or is it possible to instil the cultural values, the moral values in the baby when he or she is inside the womb? The term for making a baby aware of the cultural and the moral values inside the womb, in Hindi, is known as “Garbh Sanskaar”. Is it possible? Is there any way that the Garbh Sanskaar is possible when a baby is inside the womb? We will understand in this article.

Garbh Sanskaar programs are being run by various organizations for the pregnant woman. Pregnant woman get a training on Garbh Sanskaar so that they can teach their baby inside the womb about the cultural and the moral values, for the brain development of the baby and for increasing his or her IQ level.

Is Garbh Sanskaar Scientifically Certified

Now this idea of imparting the values to the fetus is quite interesting and quite intriguing. The Science Community is actually divided in two opinions. However the common thing between the both fraternity is that the baby inside the womb can hear the voice, the sound from the outside of womb.  The hearing capability is there but to understand the language or any scriptures is beyond the capability of a baby inside the womb.

However the other opinion is that the baby can be imparted with all the cultural religious and moral values well inside the Womb. So there are actually the mixed opinions.

How Garbh Sanskaar Works

The sound waves can reach to the baby. But the interpretation of those sound or to get out the meaning of it and keep it in the memory is the main thing on which the medical fraternity is divided.

Now let us understand this more. There are hormonal changes inside a woman during pregnancy. Some women would be under stress, some would be very happy, mood swings are there in pregnant women. When the mother is happy or she is sad, the corresponding hormones are released in the body and these hormones can definitely affect the unborn baby.

Now this is something scientific because the mental state of a pregnant woman, her being sad or happy,  and the proportional effect can be seen on the baby. This is scientifically proven as well.

Does Garbh Sanskaar Work

So as of now, the conclusion is not clear. That means whether the Garbh Sanskaar works or not, this cannot be said with certainty. But definitely the actions of the mother, the mental state of the mother, what she is eating, what sort of environment she is exposed to, this all affect the well-being of the baby inside the womb.

So let us understand few points that can help in transferring the positive effects to the baby inside the womb.

Stress Management

The number one thing is the positive thinking and the Stress Management. The pregnant woman should think positive and try to avoid the stress as much as possible. It is believe that stress hormones have a bad effect on the baby inside the womb.

Learn Something New

Another is the reading or educating yourself on any new topic. This could be any spiritual reading or any new education or training you can take. This actually challenge your mind to think and imagine. If you’re reading religious texts/books/scriptures/positive stories, they can definitely bring beneficial effect on the baby’s mental development.

Listening to Music

If you’re fond of listening to the music, you should be listening to the soothing music during pregnancy. It will be good if you are not listening on the headphone. On the headphone you listen to the music alone. Maybe this makes you happy and this happiness can be transferred to the baby. Also understand that the baby has the hearing capacity by now so if you’re listening to the music on a speaker it will be more beneficial for you as well as for the baby inside the Womb.

Meditation and Yoga

Next is to understand the benefits of doing meditation and yoga. So you can find a good pre-natal yoga session in your vicinity. Yoga plays a very important role to bring down the stress level, to make your body robust and flexible for the normal delivery. Overall positivity that Yoga brings will secrete the good hormones in your body that will make you happy and also will be good for the well-being of the baby inside the womb.

Connect with Baby

Try to connect with your baby because as we have said that the baby can now hear your voice, baby at least understand that this is the voice of the mother. The baby is intelligent enough to differentiate between mother and others just from the voice. The baby has a special attachment with you. So try to make this connect as strong as possible. Talk to your baby.

Stay Away from Negativity

Try to avoid any sort of the negative influences. Stay away from people of different thoughts and opinions. During pregnancy you should not be watching the horror movies or any movies that will put you in stressful situations. The energy, the vibes around you should be positive, should be constructive. Make sure that your mood is always good, you are stress free and happy.

Eat Healthy

Apart from this healthy diet plays the most important role. You should be going by the diet chart that is prescribed by your gynaecologist. Your diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, folic acid so you and your baby get all sort of the nutrients in the right amount.

So this was about Garbh Sanskaar, that is to instil the baby inside the womb with the moral and the cultural values. However if you see scientifically, it is quite impossible to achieve 100% of it. But definitely certain amount can be achieved.

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