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Listening to music during pregnancy – Is it good for baby or not

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Do you like to hear music? If yes, do you know how it impacts the baby’s growth in the womb? Do your baby enjoys when you are listening to the music or if your baby is able to hear the music or not?

Can the baby in womb hear outside sounds

So, let me tell you that your baby can start hearing the voices and sounds that are coming from outside the womb from the second trimester onwards. When you will be in your fourth month, the baby inside the womb is able to hear all the sounds. This time the baby is not that much robust that it can respond to these sounds.

When will baby respond to external sounds

The baby is able to respond only when you are in your third trimester. This time onwards the baby’s listening capability improves further. When you land up in your third trimester that is seventh month, baby will be able to give you the response on sound may be it is your voice or the external sound or the noises. So it is quite important for you to communicate with your baby to have a special bonding with him or her.

Headphone or speaker

Because now baby is able to hear you properly and he or she is able to recognise that this is the voice of the mother. If you want that your baby is listening good music you need to play on a speaker instead of using a headphone and keeping the headphone very close to your stomach. This will not be a that much good practice to do.

Because when you place the headphone near to the stomach, the volume and the vibration could be more aggressive for the baby to tolerate. The chances are more that the baby doesn’t like it.

How music helps pregnant women

Not only for the baby, when you are listening to the music it helps in reducing pregnancy stress and depression that comes under “Pregnancy Brain” . Music works on your pregnancy brain to relax it and when you are relaxed, your mind is relaxed, the same effect goes to the baby as well. Its well known that if you are happy, your baby will be happy and if you are said your baby will feel alike.

What type of music is good for baby

There had been so many research on the effect of music on the baby in the womb and most of the research says that the type of the music has a direct impact on the baby’s intelligence, IQ level and his or her presence of mind.
When your baby listens to the music it stimulates the cognitive ability and the auditory senses. Now the type of the music is also very much important because it is believed that the music that the baby is hearing helps a lot in developing the baby’s personality so if you are going for a calm and a soothing music, a baby will have a similar kind of an attitude and if you going for a very loud music, the baby’s behaviour can tend to be aggressive as well.

Volume level of music matters

Also, if you are listening to a soothing music, you should be keeping the volume under control. Now, when we say under control, it should not be over 80 decibels. To keep everything balance, you should not go beyond 60 decibel when you play a music. Also, you should not listen to the music for long time. Every day not more than three hours would be enough for you and for the baby as well.

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