Fashion During Pregnancy – Is it OK For Baby in Womb

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A woman always has the right to look beautiful. This article is about fashion during pregnancy, that is, the maternity fashion. There are so many things you should be keeping in your mind because the normal fashion and the maternity fashion are a bit different.

In this article we will understand what should be your maternity fashion so that your pregnancy is also healthy what should be your wardrobe cautions to ensure that the baby developing inside the womb grows well as your months of the pregnancy progresses.

Avoid wearing tight fitted cloths

Understand when you should not wear the tight clothings. When you are in first trimester, your body doesn’t expand that much that you will require a different clothing all together. When you will land up in your fourth month, the baby inside the womb starts growing at a bit faster pace.

This is the time when you will see the bulge on your stomach that is the baby bump. At this time you need to understand that you need different clothing that should not be tight on you especially around your abdomen.

If your abdomen is getting squeezed it is actually restricting the blood flow to the baby also it can cause discomfort to you. so make sure that your stomach or abdomen is not getting squeezed by any sort of the things like belt, tight jeans or anything that you will use to hold your pants.

Selecting the right maternity bra

Second consideration is about the maternity bras. Selecting the right maternity bra is quite essential. During pregnancy, you will see several changes on your breast. Breast enlargement, the leakage of liquid from your nipple is also there so you need to have specially designed bra so that these problem can be taken care of.

The normal underwire bras definitely will support you better but it will press against your breast and it will obstruct the blood supply. This will give you more problem so it is always good to opt for a different bra that should be wirefree. You can go for specially designed maternity bra from the market.

Stop wearing high heels

Next consideration about your fashion is when you should skip using high heels. High heels will definitely adding to your glamour but using high heel during pregnancy can imbalance your body.

During pregnancy the center of gravity of the body changes because some body parts can be swollen, some area can be enlarged. The balance is quite difficult to maintain on its own.

When you make it more difficult by wearing these high heel sandals or high heels then this will make you more vulnerable to fall down.

This falling or any jerk can impact the baby inside the womb if the jerk is bit stronger. so it is always better for you to skip wearing these high heel all together during pregnancy. The earlier you will adopt this thing the better your pregnancy journey will be.

Jewellery and accessories during pregnancy

Next is to consider what sort of jewelry you can wear what sort of accessories are okay to wear during pregnancy. Heavy jewelry and heavy accessory is a big NO during pregnancy.

This can discomfort you, this can irritate you. When your body is going through so many changes like skin irritations, sweating and urination more often, then this can cause a trouble for you.

During pregnancy if you’re opting for a lighter a soother and compact jewelry or accessory, it will be good for your movements and to carry yourself.

Colour Selection of Cloths

Now the next consideration is about the kind of clothing you are choosing. This covers that your clothing should be loose-fitted and your colors selection should be light because during pregnancy the body temperature increases by some degree automatically.

So if you are not wearing loose-fitted clothes, this temperature can be trapped and it can gradually increase just because there would be less ventilation of the air.

This is going to discomfort you a lot. In the same way if you’re going for the dark colored clothes they will absorb more light and so the heat generated will be more.

You should be always wearing loose fitted clothing and the color should be as light as possible like white, sky blue.

Selection of fabric of cloths

Now last but not the least is to understand what should be the choice of the fabric because the choice of fabric is also very important during pregnancy. It will be good for you to go for lenen or the cotton clothing because they will provide good ventilation and also they have the more stretchability.

So when the clothing needs to be stretched they will be stretched automatically a bit whereas if you are going for the synthetic material or synthetic clothing then they will trap more heat, they will be not having the proper ventilation and what most will irritate you is the skin allergies they can give you.

Already during pregnancy you are suffering from all these skin irritation and problems, more of sweating is also there. So when you are trapped with so many problems make it sure that the synthetic material you should be avoiding completely.

Now apart from this, there are so many other things that would be coming in fashion like the choice of your lipstick, the hair dye thing, the beauty parlour visit and many more.

So in that it will be good try to minimize all these things as much as possible because during pregnancy you have to maintain utmost hygiene. Hygiene maintenance is very important when you are visiting Beauty parlours. There is least certainty of the hygiene because the place is visited by so many people and you cannot guarantee about the medical condition of everyone.

Use a light makeup as much as possible. Try to avoid experimenting with new makeup or fashion products and anything coming new in the fashion.

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