Traversing Baby Bump With Hands During Pregnancy – Does Baby Inside Womb Like This Activity

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How does the baby feel inside the womb when the mother moves this hand on her tummy or moves it around the tummy. Does the baby like it, is it good for the baby. From which month of pregnancy a pregnant woman should do this, we will understand in this article.

From which month does the baby inside womb begin to understand the touch of the mother

When a pregnant woman touches her stomach, it is a kind of tactile therapy for the baby. Around 5 to 6 months, the baby has developed sensitivity and the brain is functioning properly.

The baby in the womb is able to hear the sounds that are coming from outside the womb. By this time the baby can also react to the pressure on the stomach.

7 month baby in womb

How does the baby feel when the mother moves her hand on the stomach:

The baby starts moving inside the womb from about 5.5 months i.e. between about the fifth to the sixth month of pregnancy the baby starts moving in the womb.

At this time when the baby is moving around and the mother touches her belly, the baby feels safe. The baby starts to feel that there is someone else there and the baby feels comfortable.

Hence it is a very good practice to start building a bond between the expecting mothers and their baby.


Apart from traversing hands on the stomach, also do this work:

Besides the baby listening to your voice, communicating with your baby, even before delivery, will help you build a bond with the baby. You can also listen to good music or you can also read good books. Your mental state during pregnancy has a similar effect on the baby.

Good books, good music will make you positive and the baby will have the same effect. According to Garbh Sanskar, there are many things you can teach a child in the womb.

If you are teaching something good then the child is learning good things. If you engage yourself in activities that give you an opportunity to challenge your brain power, your baby’s mental strength in the womb can also increase, boosting his/her IQ level.

Try to talk to your baby as much time as you can, pat your tummy and stay positive throughout the pregnancy and don’t let despair get to you.

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