Fruits every women to eat during pregnancy – which to avoid

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If you consume these fruits from the very beginning of pregnancy, then you get many nutrients that are helpful in the proper developement of the fetus in the womb. You must eat these fruits during pregnancy so that the baby does not have any kind of birth defects in the womb.

Orange: During pregnancy you must eat oranges. If you consume oranges in the first three months of pregnancy, then it is very beneficial. You will get folate, vitamin-B, which is very beneficial for the prevention of neural tube disoders in the growing fetus. Folate is very important for your developing baby not to have any kind of birth defect in the early stages. Apart from this you will get vitamin-C which is very beneficial for the absorption of iron. If you eat oranges which are rich in vitamin-C as well as antioxidant properties, then it will also strengthen your immunity, so that you will not be at risk of minor problems and viral infections.

Avocado: Another fruit that you must eat during this time is avocado. AVOCADO is such a fruit, which is not sweet, but it would be delicious. You will get so many benefits out of it during pregnancy because it contains magnesium, iron, fiber, vitamins C, B, K and potassium. Avocado contains a good amount of iron, so it does not allow the lack of hemoglobin in the body of women during pregnancy. Eating avocado reduces the problem of heartburn during this time, it gives a lot of relief. So if you are facing the problem of heartburn, then during this time you can eat avocado. During pregnancy, it is very beneficial for the development of the brain of your foetus. Avacado is very beneficial for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. Avocados also provide you with potassium and magnesium, which provide great relief from cramping and bloating that occurs in women during pregnancy. It is very beneficial for the prevention of constipation and also boosts your immunity .

Banana: The third thing that you must eat in the first three months of pregnancy is banana. Banana is rich in potassium, besides it contains a good amount of fiber. The third thing is that it contains vitamin-B6, which is considered very beneficial for the development of the fetus in the early stages during pregnancy. In the early stages, if you have a problem of constipation, nausea, vomiting, then you should consume bananas to prevent them. In the early stages of pregnancy, as women feel very tired and sleepy, then if you consume bananas during this time, you will get a lot of energy, you will remain energetic. So you must eat one or two bananas in the morning.

Next two such fruits which are seasonable in which the first thing to be talked about is mango.

Mango: Mango is safe during pregnancy. If you eat mango in the initial phase, then you get vitamin-C in good quantity from it and more importantly, vitamin-A is found in it. If you are deficient in Vitamin A, it can lead to a weakened immune system at birth and an increased risk of complications such as diarrhea and respiratory infections. But you also have to keep in mind that you have to consume it in limited quantity. If you eat it in large quantity then you are at risk of getting diabetes.

Java Plum: And finally the fifth fruit which is seasonable is Java Plum(Jamun, Jambul). You can eat Java Plum during this time. You get carbohydrate and very good energy. Apart from this, you get folic, fiber is available as well as vitamin-C. So eating Jamun during pregnancy is very safe and beneficial.

Apple : Apart from this, you must eat apples during pregnancy. Be it summer or winter, you must consume an apple a day during pregnancy. You get Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, potassium, fiber, many nutrients from apple and not only this, if you eat apple, then your child who is going to be born will not face any kind of allergy, asthma, etc. So you must eat apple during pregnancy.

Now which fruits you should not eat : don’t eat raw papaya, don’t eat pineapple, don’t eat black grapes and sapota .

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Fruits to eat during pregnancy, fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

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