3 Spices You Unknowing Eating That Are Harmful For Pregnancy

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3 spices which are harmful for the unborn baby

Diet is of utmost importance during pregnancy. A balanced diet is very much needed for the proper development of the unborn baby. During pregnancy, women need to understand what they should eat and what not.

In this article, you will learn about three basic ingredients/spices that you can use while preparing your food or in any dish. And maybe you do not know that during pregnancy it is not right for you at all. It is very important for you to know 3 spices which are harmful for the unborn child so that you do not consume them in large quantities by mistake.

Use these spices/ingredients judiciously

Sesame Seeds :

There are many ways to eat sesame seeds during pregnancy. Some people eat it by making chutney or its paste, some people use sesame to make laddoos such as sesame and jaggery laddoos. You must have seen that sesame is widely used in honey chilli potato. The main thing to understand is that sesame seeds, in whatever form you are consuming, are not at all good for you during pregnancy. Consuming too much sesame seeds can also end your pregnancy or cause uterine contractions. You should take care when you are in your first trimester as it can also kill the fertilised embryo.

Fenugreek Seeds:

Another food ingredient/spice that is commonly used in cooking is fenugreek seeds. Let’s know more about it in coming section.

Fennel Seeds:

The third is fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are also used in many Indian dishes. Fennel seeds are commonly used as a mouth freshener after meals.

If you are eating fenugreek seeds or fennel in large quantities during pregnancy, it can stimulate menstruation or even cause a miscarriage. Fennel is commonly used to stimulate menstruation when menstruation is not coming. Fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds are used to clean the uterus.

Fenugreek seeds or fennel seeds are almost fine to use in very small amounts as you can use a pinch or two in whatever you are cooking. This is absolutely fine, but try not to consume too much of these three things.

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So these are 3 spices which are harmful for the unborn child, those three ingredients or spices which are commonly found in the kitchen and they are used tremendously in food items.

Hope you use them judiciously from now on.

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