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Mistakes Every Women To Avoid During Pregnancy – Baby In Womb Hates Them Utterly

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Pregnancy is such a time for every woman when  has to take care of certain things. But many women knowingly or unknowingly commit some such mistakes due to which they have to face many problems in their pregnancy.

So in this article we will talk about some such mistakes which you should not do during your pregnancy. So you must read this article completely.  Let us now talk about the mistakes made in pregnancy.

Eating anything without thinking

The biggest mistake is to eat anything. During pregnancy, women feel very hungry, in such a situation, women eat anything like junk food, fried food, spicy food, anything, so that their stomach can be filled. You do not have to do this at all during your pregnancy, because your digestive system slows down a lot during pregnancy. In such a situation, eating all these can cause problems for you like indigestion, constipation, heartburn, acidity and other stomach related disorders.


The second mistake is self-medication, that is, taking medicine according to one’s own understanding. During pregnancy, many women get problems like cough, cold, fever, indigestion etc. For which women may take medicines from medical stores. During pregnancy, doing this is very harmful for both you and your unborn child. So whatever problem you have, you should consult your gynaecologist once, only then you should take any medicine.

Wearing tight clothes

The third very common mistake is wearing tight clothes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, many pregnant women do not wear loose clothes, because they have a habit of wearing tight clothes. Due to which your stomach remains tight, which disturbs your baby a lot. If you wear tight clothes, then you should change this habit immediately, because it will put undue pressure on your baby, and the development of your baby will also be affected.

Not eating food on time

The fourth mistake is not eating food on time. Many pregnant women who are working or are also at home, they start skipping their food due to work, that is, they do not eat on time. You do not have to do this at all, because your body needs a lot of energy during pregnancy, and if you skip meals, your baby will also suffer. You may not but your baby inside womb need consistent supply of food during regular intervals. So note this point strictly.

Relaxing too much

The fifth mistake is to abandon work completely. Many pregnant women feel that they have conceived pregnancy, so they should not work at all, they start resting in bed the whole day. Doing this can prove to be very painful for you because your food is digested only by the movement of your body. In such a situation, if you start taking complete rest, then the problem of acidity and throat irritation will start increasing. So until your doctor does not ask you to take such bad rest completely, then you should keep working little by little. And don’t work continuously, take rest in between.

Heavy exercise without supervision 

 The sixth mistake is to do heavy exercise during pregnancy. Any heavy exercise in pregnancy can cause stretch in the muscles of your body, due to which you may face many complications. You have to make sure that you do the exercise only under the supervision of an expert, otherwise, instead of giving benefits, it can give reverse harm to you and the baby may also have problems due to this. It will be best for you to do walking, if you do it for 45 minutes in the morning and evening, you will get a lot of benefits.

Skipping medicines

The seventh mistake is skipping the medicines. Women have to take a lot of medicines during pregnancy, especially iron and calcium pills everyday. Apart from this, a lot of medicines have to be taken, and women get bored after taking medicines daily. But you have to take special care that you should not skip your medicines under any circumstances.

Not avoiding polluted areas

The eighth mistake is coming in contact with pollution. If you live in an area where there are many factories, or there is a lot of pollution, then if possible, do not pass through where the pollution is very high.

Making relation

The ninth mistake is to make relation during pregnancy. Many pregnant women do not know that in the first 3 months of pregnancy, they should absolutely avoid making relation, so that your pregnancy does not turn into abortion.

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