14 October 2023 – Importance of Tulsi Leaves During Eclipse For Pregnant Women

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Importance of basil leaves in eclipse

Be it solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, use of basil leaves provides great protection during pregnancy and otherwise. At the time of eclipse, if basil leaves are already added to the food items, then the food does not get contaminated. They are not affected by the harmful rays of the eclipse. Also, if a pregnant woman applies a paste of basil leaves on her stomach, it also protects the baby in the womb from the harmful rays of the eclipse.

Actually, going out during the eclipse is strictly prohibited and you should not do so. But if under any compulsion you have to go out during the eclipse or any member of the family goes out, then they should take some basil leaves with them. By doing this the harmful rays of the eclipse are not affected. Keep a basil leaf in your mouth also, but remember that you should not chew the basil leaf.

When to pluck basil leaves for eclipse

Tulsi leaves should not be plucked on the day of eclipse, in such a situation it is considered a sin. That means when the solar eclipse will occur on 14 October 2023, you too should not pluck basil leaves on this day. You have to pluck the basil leaves before sutak kaal. Pluck them and wash them and keep them in the refrigerator. If we talk about the eclipse occurring on October 14, then Sutak will start at 8:33 AM. So you have to pluck the basil leaves before this time and keep them.

Time of eclipse

Timing of solar eclipse on 14th October

Starts: 8:33 PM
End: 2:25 AM (2:25 AM)

Sutak starts exactly twelve hours before the solar eclipse.
Sutak will start at 8:33 AM

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