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Wish A Baby Boy From Lord Shiva During 2024 Saavan Season – 3 Tips As Per Shiva Puraan

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Baby boy desire

According to Sanatan Dharma, it is considered very auspicious for any couple to have a son because the son continues the lineage. Salvation of the ancestors and forefathers is only through a son. That is why the importance of son as a child has been told in Sanatan Dharma also.

In the modern era, the attitude of the people has also started changing a lot. But everyone has this mentality that there should be one child son among the children in the house. Even today, the son is considered the heir of the family, so many couples who have one daughter or two daughters wish to have a son in their house as well.

3 Tips As Per Shiva Purana

In this month of July and August,  that is saavan/shravan/sawan season , and according to the Shiva Purana, the couple who are wishing for a son can be blessed. You can pray lord shiva to bless you a baby boy by doing the things mentioned in Shiv Purana and doing them especially in this month of Saavan. Although no one can guarantee that it will work 100%, but yes, to some extent these remedies can fulfill the wish of a baby boy.

There is no scientific basis for this, but according to the Puranas, by worshiping Lord Shiva, the chances of a having son can be fulfilled. As much as you please Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva fulfills your wishes.

Dhatura Remedy

So the first remedy in this is Dhatura flowers. If you are worshiping Shiva, worshiping him by offering Dhatura flower and wishing that lord Shiva bless you with a baby boy. Lord Shiva becomes happy very quickly. Your desires are fulfilled. You have to keep one thing in mind very well that you have to stay away from cigarette, beedi, alcohol, tobacco and vindictive food because these things increase the negative energy in your body even more.

Water offering

The second thing that you must do especially during the month of Saavan is that during this period, you should offer water to the Shivling daily to fulfill your wishes. You have to please Lord Shiva so that he listens to your wishes and fulfills them.

Tree plantation

The third thing which is told in Shiva Purana is that the couple who are wishing for a baby boy should plant trees. That is, they should plant such a plant in their house which should be fruitful as well as shady in the future. Such a sapling should be planted and watered, it should be nurtured. If you plant trees in this way, then your wishes are fulfilled. If you wish, you can also plant trees in public places so that common people can get its benefit and shade. In such a situation, you are giving life to a tree, so it benefits everyone. According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva becomes very pleased with this. When it comes to public welfare, if you do this, then it is also said to be very fruitful in fulfilling your wishes.

So these three things have been told to you, in which one thing you have to do in the month of Saavan and the other two can be started anytime. So try this, worship Lord Shiva and make him happy, then your wishes will be fulfilled.

Disclaimer: This is based on belief and religion. cannot confirm that these remedies will be fruitful. You must consult your health care provider before taking any measures during pregnancy.

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