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Pregnancy Diet For First Trimester

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First of all, congratulations that you are pregnant, this is your first trimester, that is, your first or second or third month is going on. At this time you need to eat certain things so that the child develops well inside the womb and the baby does not have any birth defects or any complications.

For this, what things you do not have to eat, what things have to be eaten with caution, we will understand everything in this article.

  1. Folic Acid (Folate)
    The most important thing in your first trimester is the intake of folic acid or folate, for which you also have to take supplements. Folate or folic acid makes the baby’s initial formation in a perfect way. Baby’s Brain development, nervous system development require folic acid during first three month. Also folic acid will prevent any neural tube disorders and any birth defects.
  2. Must eat vegetables
    Pregnant women need a lot of vitamins, calcium and iron. From the very beginning, you should eat green leafy vegetables in good quantity for the overall development of the child in a good way. You will get a good amount of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber from them. All these things are very important for you, it is also very important for the development of the baby inside womb.
  3. Some fruits should not be eaten at all
    You should also eat a good amount of fruits. You can eat fruits whenever you feel hungry. You get a lot of nutrition from fruits. Some fruits such as unripe papaya, pineapple, sapota, black grapes – you should avoid eating them all. By eating them many times there is a possibility of miscarriage. You should also not try very sour fruits like oranges and malta. Do not eat too many citrus fruits in large quantities. Can eat little but don’t eat too much as it will provide over vitamin-c. More than required vitamin-c during first trimeter is not fruitful.
  4. Protect the body from dehydration
    You should also drink a good amount of water to keep the body hydrated. You must drink at least one 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day. Drinking ample of water will flush out the toxins from the body, aid in digestion and lower the constipation problem.Also it will keep the amniotic fluid level right.You should also drink fruit juice to elevate your energy levels.
  5. Eat Protein-Rich Foods
    If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can get a good amount of protein from meat, fish, eggs. Along with this, they also give you a good amount of iron, zinc, iodine and vitamins, so that the baby develops properly in the womb. In the same way, you get a good amount of protein and calcium from dairy products such as milk, paneer, buttermilk, curd, tofu etc. For the growth of the baby, in order to increase his weight, protein plays the most important role.
  6. Carbohydrate-rich diet
    You should also eat a good amount of carbohydrates for energy for the day. You get carbohydrates from whole grains. So you eat roti, breads, rice – you get carbohydrates from here.

You have to eat almost all the things, I have already told you some things which should not be eaten. Apart from this, you should absolutely give up smoking and liqour at this time. You do not have to do this at all during your entire pregnancy. You do not have to eat food with a lot of spices. Also avoid eating outside food in the first trimester because at this time the baby is very weak in the womb and even a small trace of something bad eaten can prove fatal for baby inside womb.

Keep visiting the doctor and take a diet chart from your doctor and accordingly you can change your diet,

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