Climbing Stairs During Pregnancy – Right or Wrong

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After conceiving, along with food and medicines, pregnant women also have to take care of some other special things. Climbing the stairs during pregnancy is also one of these very important things. Women who live in multi-storey houses, this problem becomes more prominent.

 The body of pregnant woman remains balanced during the early stages of pregnancy. Everything remains balanced. But as the weight of the pregnant woman increases, the weight of the child increases, the womb starts taking shape and the weight of the woman starts becoming too much, then in such a situation women start becoming unbalanced. Due to which pregnant women are at risk of falling while climbing and descending stairs. Falling or slipping during pregnancy can be fatal for your unborn baby. There can also be a possibility like miscarriage, then it becomes a big danger for women.

Is Climbing Stairs Safe During Pregnancy

When should pregnant women climb stairs during pregnancy? Is it safe? When is it safe? When is it not?

So pregnant women who live in multi-storey buildings or have to go to the terrace for any household work, they have no other option but to use stairs. But the elders of the house also say that using stairs os harmful during pregnancy. So first of all let me tell you that climbing and descending the stairs is a physical exercise, which you must do during pregnancy.

In First and Second Trimester

Talking about the early stages of pregnancy, during this time the fetus is very small in your womb. If your pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy, you do not have any problem, you do not have any bleeding problem, you do not have high blood pressure, low BP or diabetes, in such a situation you do not have any problem in climbing stairs. You can easily climb the stairs, but if these complications persist with you, then you have to be careful. The baby in the womb is flexible enough during this time, if you slip somewhere then you may have problems, there may be a risk of miscarriage. So you have to climb the stairs during this time, but you have to climb the stairs carefully. You have to take the support of the handrail in the stairs and you have to keep the other hand on your stomach so that your stomach does not move much.

 In the same way, when the second trimester of pregnancy starts, you have to take all the same precautions.

In Third Trimester

Now let’s talk about the last trimester i.e. the third trimester when you are in  7,8, and 9 months. At this time, your pregnancy starts growing, the development of your baby is rapid, its weight starts increasing rapidly. In such a situation, you have trouble breathing because the baby takes up extra space in the womb, in such a situation you have to take deep breaths, there is a problem in breathing. If you climb or descend this stairs, you may have trouble in breathing. You may have shortness of breath and all this can also lead to asthma. If the balance of your body is lost, then your chances of falling are very high. Sometimes your hands and feet start to wobble, your feet do not fall in the right place, then the chances of falling are very high. So, the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy, in this you have to walk very carefully, during this time you should not climb stairs.

In This Critical 8th Month 

If you climb more stairs in the eighth month of pregnancy, then you may have chances of premature delivery and in the eighth month it is said that delivery is not considered good. It is believed by the elders that the children born in the eighth month have some health-related problems in the future. Although there is no scientific basis for this, but elders say so.

Even if you have to climb the ladder, then you have to keep in mind that you have to hold the railing well. If there is a ladder without a railing, then you have to climb down with the help of someone. Put one hand on the railing, you have to put one hand in your womb from the bottom so that you can balance your stomach.

In 9th Month of Pregnancy

After thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy, your baby starts shifting downwards and starts coming to your pelvis area. The time of delivery is also approaching, so when this thing happens, women do not have much difficulty in breathing at that time because the baby starts sliding down. Your suppressed partsor organs start coming to their respective places. So in such a situation, the problems related to breathing in women start abating gradually. So you can climb the stairs in the ninth month of pregnancy, there is no problem. As the delivery time approaches, you have to walk a lot. Climbing the stairs is considered good during this time so that your body remains active. This will help your normal delivery

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