1 November 2023 : Karwa chauth fast during pregnancy

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Karva Chauth fast is observed every year during the month of Kartik. The month of Kartik falls in the eighth month of the Hindu calendar. This month overlaps the Gregorian calendar, which consists of months including October and November. In the year 2023, the fast of Karva Chauth will be kept on 1 November. If Karwa Chauth is coming during your pregnancy, women get very confused whether they should do this fast or not. And especially those women who are becoming mothers for the first time, this question becomes even more difficult. So in such a situation, women get into a lot of thinking. So in today’s article, you will understand whether pregnant women have to keep the fast of Karva Chauth or not.

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When to keep Karva Chauth fast

If you are in a dilemma whether to fast or not, then first of all you should consult with your doctor that if you do fasting, will it have any complications during pregnancy or not. Your doctor can understand your pregnancy very well. If your pregnancy is healthy, then you may do fast by taking some measures.

When not to fast

If there are many problems or complications in your pregnancy which can be related to you or the baby in your womb.
There is less amniotic fluid in the womb, the baby is not developing properly in the womb

  • You feel very dizzy
  • You have high blood pressure
  • Your sugar level is not controlled.
  • You have any problems related to heart
  • Your Pregnancy is high risk pregnancy
    In such scenarios women should not fast during this time.

Fasting in third trimester or not

If your third trimester of pregnancy is going on, you should not fast during this time.By the third trimester, the baby has taken full shape in your womb, most of the development has taken place. In such a situation, if you keep fast, then if there is any complication, then it affects the baby lot more. This can put both you and your unborn baby at risk. During Third trimester, the baby food requirements are more frequent and large. Fasting during this time is not a good choice.

The fast of Karva Chauth will come every year, but you have a pregnancy which is a very important part of your life, so you should not observe this fast even in the third trimester of pregnancy

Now women who are in the first or second trimester of pregnancy and they do not have any complications, they may fast with some considerations. You may have been doing Nirjala fast (fast wherein even drinking water is forbidden) before, but during pregnancy you can do this fast in a slightly different way.

Keep these things in mind

1. Whatever your preparations are related to Karva Chauth, you should complete it a day or two in advance before . This will ensure you do not have to run much on the day of Karva Chauth and you do not get stressed at all.

2. If you do sargi in the morning before sunrise, then eat slow carbs (carbohydrates) in the sargi like Parantha, Poori, Sewain, Mathri etc. . Those things should be such that they remain in your body for a long time during Karva Chauth. Slow carbs give you energy throughout the day and it is slowly digested in your body so that you feel less hungry on the day of Karva Chauth. Neither eat too many sweet things nor eat too many salty things. Because if you eat a lot of salty things then you may feel thirsty and if you eat too much sweets then you will get energy immediately but it will be digested very quickly and you may feel hungry immediately. So you have to consume such things which have high protein, you can eat fruits, vegetables etc., you can consume pulses, you can eat sprouted grains. But keep in mind you do not have to consume too much sweet , bakery items during this time.

3. After bathing in the morning and reciting worship, you have to be at home, stay absolutely relaxed and do not talk too much. Although it is said that you should not sleep during the fast, but if you are pregnant and fasting, then you can sleep during this time. By sleeping, energy will remain in your body and at the same time you will feel less hungry. You may have dehydration as you stay hungry during this period, due to which there are problems in your stomach, gas formation, acidity, burning sensation in throat, headache, dizziness etc. So in such a situation you do not have to keep Nirjala fast. You must drink water by taking the name of God and apologising to God and if your problem is increasing then you should contact your doctor immediately.

4. After being hungry and thirsty throughout the day, you may feel less movement of the baby in your womb, so you have to keep tracking the movement of the baby in your womb. If you do not feel even the slightest movement of the baby in the womb, then you do not have to think about fasting at all and you should break the fast praying for apology to God, eat something and contact your doctor immediately.

5. When you do the aarti in the evening, then after that definitely drink tea or milk along with dry fruits etc, then you will get a lot of strength. If you are absolutely fit, then you should complete this fast till the moon comes. But if you feel that your health is not well at all, feeling like dizziness and you are not able to get out of bed at all, then you have to end this fast immediately and at the same time you have to eat food.

6. In the end, when you do the moon aarti, then you have to take care of these things before eating after that. You don’t have to take solid food right away. You should take some juicy items first. In this, you may drink coconut water immediately after drinking water, then it will give you instant energy and will not let you become weak. You can drink mixed juice etc. After some time you should eat food and you should not eat a lot of food at once. Eat small amounts, chew properly for easy digestion.

7. Your partner also has to keep this in mind that on the day you are fasting, he should be with you continuously from morning till evening and support you in this fast. If your partner also observes this Karva Chauth fast with you, then there is icing on the cake.

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