14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse and Pregnancy Measures

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14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse

In the year 2022, there will be a solar eclipse (partial) on October 25 and a total lunar eclipse on November 7-8. The measures during pregnancy that needs to be taken for both the eclipses are almost the same. Nine months if a mother can take care of the child in her womb with such care, then there should be no harm in taking measures for a few hours during the eclipse period. This article is based on hindu mythology and omen eclipse bring on pregnant women. It is a matter of religion and we respect that. What precautions should pregnant women take during solar eclipse and lunar eclipse let us understand in this article.

(Time as per IST- Indian Standard Time)

14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse Timing :

Start – 8:34PM till 2:25AM(Midnight)

Timings For Lunar Eclipse on  29 October 2023 

Start at 1:06PM till 2:22PM 

Why take precautions

Whether it is a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, both are known for their bad effects. Not only from the classical point of view, but science has also considered the side effects due to eclipse. Because the corrupted wave emanating during the eclipse can harm us. Pregnant women should take maximum precautions during the eclipse period. Because during pregnancy they are most sensitive.

During this, the effect of negative energy is highest in the atmosphere. According to the belief, the effect of the eclipse lasts for 108 days. Which can have an effect on the unborn child of the pregnant woman.

What should pregnant women not do during eclipse

Eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes

Pregnant women should not see the eclipse with naked eyes. This affects the eyes of the child being born. During this time one should not even go out. It is believed that if a pregnant woman sees an eclipse, it directly affects the physical and mental health of her unborn baby.

Avoid Drinking Water Or Eating Food

Pregnant women should not drink water during this time. One should not eat food during eclipse. Because according to the Hindu belief, the harmful rays coming out during the eclipse contaminate the food items.

Sharp objects should not be touched

Pregnant women should not use knives during eclipse. Because according to the belief, the limbs of the baby can be cut by its use, as well as scissors, needles should not be used during this time. The black and the latch should also not be used. Any sharp objects should not be touched by pregnant women.

Avoid Thinking or Doing Negative Things

Pregnant women should not do any bending work. The mind should not bring bad thoughts during the eclipse period. One should not think wrong about anyone, nor use abusive words, nor should any child be beaten or shouted at.

Sleeping is prohibited

Pregnant women should not sleep during the eclipse. Try to stay in a place where the light of the eclipse is not coming.

Touching idol of God is Prohibited

During the eclipse, the idol of God should not be touched or worshiped. Keep the doors of the temple closed during the eclipse period. If there is no door in the temple, then cover the temple with a clean cloth.

What to do during eclipse

Use of Basil Leaves

Put basil leaves or khusha grass in the food prepared before the eclipse period and similarly do the same in water and milk. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties in basil, it eliminates the effects of harmful rays of eclipse.

Pregnant women should apply basil and cow dung paste on their stomach. Do not go out during the eclipse period but if going out is unavoidable during eclipse period, then keep few basil leaf with them for their safety.

Mantra pronunciation

Mantra should be recited during the eclipse period, you can recite Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa and Durga Chalisa.

It is said that chanting of mantras done at the time of lunar eclipse gives one lakh times more benefits and in the same way, chanting mantras done at the time of solar eclipse gives one million times benefits.
Keep in mind that you should not do this work in the temple. As said temples to remain closed and untouched during eclipse.


Before and after the eclipse, a pregnant woman must take a bath and change her clothes. After the eclipse, sprinkle Gangajal (holy water of river Ganga) in the entire house so that the entire house gets purified.

Try to eat freshly prepared food after the eclipse.
So in this way, if pregnant women follow all these rules during the eclipse period, then its side effects can be avoided.

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