Eating Jamun During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Guide In 2024

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Many times this question comes in the mind of pregnant women that if eating jamun(indian blackberry/jambul), the color of the baby in the womb will turn black? Will there be dark spots on his skin?

Does eating jamun make the baby’s skin dark

Jamun is a fruit, it is juicy, sour and it is a seasonable fruit which comes in the rainy season. Sometimes women have a lot of craving, they feel very much like eating berries by taking berries. So let me tell you first of all that eating jamun during pregnancy is absolutely safe. This will not cause any harm to you and let me tell you that eating this will cause dark spots, marks on the skin of the baby in your house or its color will turn dark, black, so there is nothing like that. There is no harm to the baby in your womb by eating Jamun. There will be no change in its color.

There is no scientific evidence for this. So do not worry about the fact that eating will cause any disorder to the baby in your womb. Rather, if you eat berries during this time, then it is safe as well as very beneficial.

Nutrients found in Jamun

You will get many nutrients in it. It has very good water content. The amount of calories is very good, you get very good carbohydrates from it. It contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin-C, protein, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 as well as antioxidants which work to improve immunity in your body during this time. .

So there are so many nutrients in it that give very good nutrition to you as well as to the baby in your womb. The bones of the baby develop well in the womb. It contains phosphorus, calcium which develops the baby in the womb. So there are so many nutritions then why not eat Jamun.

If you have diabetes during this time, then jamun is a very good natural way to remove diabetes. Anti-diarrheal properties are also found in Jamun. If you are having diarrhea problem during pregnancy, you are having too much thin stool, then if you consume Jamun in such a way, then you will get a lot of relief.

Be careful while eating jamun

During this time you must consume Jamun but again one thing you have to remember that consuming too much of anything is not right during pregnancy. Eat berries in limit, eat too much if you consume berries in a day during this time, then you may complain of phlegm and cough somewhere. Mild fever may occur. During this time you may have gastric in the stomach and also you may have stomach pain during this time. If you consume jamun in limited quantity then it will give benefits.

Before consuming berries, you must keep these things in mind that whenever you are buying berries from the market, the berries should be well ripe. You do not have to eat raw berries during this time. Wash the berries after bringing them home and only then consume them.

When to avoid Jamun during pregnancy

Keep in mind that you should never consume Jamun after drinking milk.
Keep in mind that women who have the problem of low BP, they also do not have to eat too many berries or it is better if you do not consume berries during this time.
Women whose blood sugar is very low, those women should also not eat berries during pregnancy, it can lower their blood sugar somewhere.
If you are allergic to eating berries, then you have to avoid it during this time even after taking care of your allergies.

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