How To Predict Baby’s Gender In Womb – Something New in 2024

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In this article, we will tell you some of the symptoms that you will notice during your pregnancy and it is said and they are believed to be symptoms of baby boy or a girl in the womb. So let’s understand what all are these symptoms.


Gaining fat more around waist

The first symptom is that you are gaining weight heavily. It is quite obvious when the baby inside the womb is developing you would definitely gain certain weight. But if the gain of this weight is more around your belly and waist, that means, if someone is looking you from the back side they can identify that you are pregnant. Then the old wives tales say that there is a baby boy in the womb.

Color of urine

Next symptom is about the color of your urine during pregnancy. If the color of your urine is often turning extremely yellow, according to old wives tales, it means that you are carrying a girl. However if the color is not that pale, it is quite clear then it is a sign of a baby boy.

Soft hands/feet

Next symptom is about the moisture content in your hands and feet. If you’re feeling that your hands and feet are moisturized automatically i.e. they are soft, they’re not having any sort of dryness, then it is believed that this is a symptom of a baby girl in the womb.

Husband weight gain is also a paramter

It is quite strange. It is about gaining weight by your partner that means your husband. Now in this context, old wife tale says that if your partner is not at all gaining weight that means your partner is maintaining the weight, this shows that there is a baby boy in the womb.

Baby bump drooping

Next symptom is how you are Carrying Your Baby. If your baby bump is hanging that means you are feeling that the baby is accumulated more towards the lower abdomen. You are seeing in the early phases of the pregnancy, that is before 7th month of the pregnancy, according to the old wives tales, this is a big sign that you are carrying a boy in the womb.

Temperature of feet

If the temperature of your feet is always down, your feet are always cold that indicates that you are having a baby boy in the womb as per the old wives tales.

So these were some of the symptoms, as per the old wives tales, which you can see and make an idea whether you are having a baby boy or a girl in the womb.

But our disclaimer is that we do not affirm all these old wives tales. These things have been said over the periods, over the ages but nothing has been documented anywhere in any book. But these things are always said and heard in the pregnancy community. Our take is that you can only take it for a fun sake. Do not plan anything according to the symptoms because they are not 100% correct. Rest you are intelligent our website Garbhgyan respect all the genders.

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