Get Rid of Bloating and Stomach Gas : 5 Things To Do At Home

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Stomach bloating, which we also often call flatulence, is a problem that many of you may have experienced at one time or the other. Flatulence is a problem which seems very small but only those who have ever experienced this problem can understand its pain. Although it is a normal process to produce some gas in the stomach while digesting food, but if this gas is produced in large quantities then you may have the problem of flatulence. The stomach may swell and become like a balloon.

We will talk to you about some proven methods which will help you a lot in rooting out your flatulence problem and living a comfortable and gas free life. Let’s start by understanding why the stomach gets bloated after eating, what causes flatulence?

When you eat something that releases too much gas during digestion, or too much air goes inside the stomach while eating or drinking water, it causes flatulence. Due to flatulence, your stomach swells like a balloon and becomes hard. Sometimes it swells so much that stomach pain starts and the person becomes restless.

It is very important to bring a slight change in eating habits. How you eat is also important to get rid of the problem of bloating. This means that the way you eat food can also cause the problem of gas and bloating in your stomach. Therefore, the first change is to always eat your food slowly and chew it thoroughly. By eating food too quickly, air enters our stomach, which causes bloating and flatulence. When you chew your food thoroughly, it improves your digestion. Less gases are released during digestion and there is no problem of flatulence.

As important as it is to chew food slowly, it is equally important that you never eat too much. Often when we see good food, we lose control and eat more. By doing this, food takes a lot of time to digest and the food remains inside our stomach for a long time. To digest food, your stomach has to release large amounts of digestive juices and acids. Due to this, more gas starts forming in the stomach, the stomach becomes swollen and the problem of flatulence starts increasing.

Chew your food thoroughly and eat for a long time, so you can avoid automatically overeating. Because by eating food for a long time, your brain instructs your stomach at the right time that food should not be eaten anymore, due to which your stomach gets filled at the right time.

At the same time, if we eat too quickly, our brain does not signal our stomach at the right time and because of this, despite eating more, we feel that our stomach is not full yet and we keep eating.

If you are troubled by bloating then start taking probiotics. Billions of bacteria are found in our stomach. Some of these are good bacteria and some are bad bacteria also. The balance between these good and bad bacteria must be right to digest food properly and maintain our digestive health. Probiotics are things that contain good bacteria. These good bacteria improve our stomach health, help in digestion and prevent gas formation in the stomach.

Talking about probiotics, curd is a very good thing which is a very good probiotic food. If you start eating a bowl of curd mixed with a little jaggery or sugar candy every morning, you will soon start getting relief from the problem of gas and flatulence. Apart from curd, you can also take Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), it is also a very good probiotic. For this you have to mix one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. You drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This will also give you a lot of relief from the problem of flatulence.

You will find the third option for bloating in your kitchen itself. There are home remedies which are available in our kitchen and they are very active for bloating and gas. Our elders have been using such home remedies for hundreds of years. The first thing you should try for gas and bloating is ginger. Ginger improves digestion and reduces the risk of irritation to the gastric lining. If you want to use ginger for the problem of bloating, then you have to take one spoon of grated ginger, put it in a glass of water and boil it. You have to boil it until 1/3 of the water remains. Filter it and drink it twice after meals. If you want, you can cool it a little and add honey to it.

Another thing which is very effective for bloating is mint. To use mint for bloating, add six to seven mint leaves to a cup of water, boil it well and drink it like tea. By adopting this remedy, you will see that you will get immediate relief from the problem of flatulence.

          You can also use celery. Celery also gives you instant relief from gas and bloating. To use celery, first take one spoon of celery and fry it lightly on low flame on a pan. When it gets roasted a little, mash it a little and add a pinch of black salt to it, mix it with water and eat it. Keep in mind that you do not have to chew it, just eat it with water without chewing. By using celery in this way, you will see that your stomach will start feeling light within a few minutes.

Flatulence is a problem which is directly related to our eating habits. There are certain types of foods that cause excess gas in the stomach such as kidney beans, onion, garlic, soda, carbonated drinks, peas, arbi, urad, arhar dal, cabbage, broccoli and oily food. Therefore, if excessive gas is formed in your stomach or your stomach becomes bigger after eating food, then you should avoid eating all these things.

Carbonated drinks like Cola etc. contain a large amount of carbon dioxide gas and when we drink these drinks, this gas goes into our stomach, which causes bloating and flatulence.

To avoid problems like flatulence, if you make these changes in your lifestyle and do exercise, you will get a lot of benefits and see positive results.

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