25 March 2024 – Celebrating a Safe Holi During Pregnancy

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Holi, a vibrant festival of colors, is eagerly awaited by many, but for pregnant women, the celebration requires special attention.This year holi will be celebrated on March 25, 2024. Holi festival is a time of complete immersion in colours, sweets, and festivities. However, expecting mothers must be cautious to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Understanding the Delicacy of Pregnancy

Pregnancy, a delicate period in a woman’s life, demands extra care. Amidst the exuberance of Holi festival, characterized by jumping, chaos, applying colours, pregnant women need to adopt a set of precautions to safeguard their well-being and that of their unborn child.

Precautions for Pregnant Women

Whether you are in the first, second, or ninth month of pregnancy, utmost care is essential. Any inadvertent injury, pressure on the stomach, or a fall can pose risk to baby in womb. Additionally, consuming food items not correct for pregnancy can result in substantial harm.

Evolution of Holi Celebrations

In the bygone era, Holi was celebrated with natural colors derived from flowers, spices, and leaves. In present time, Holi celebrations usually involve market-bought colors, predominantly synthetic and chemical-laden. These colors may have traces of with toxic substances, can jeopardize both the mother and the baby’s health inside womb.

Dangers of Synthetic Colors

The weakened immune system during pregnancy amplifies the risk posed by synthetic colors. Industrial dyes and oxidized matter present in these colors can harm the respiratory and nervous systems of the unborn child. Potential consequences include miscarriage, premature delivery, and low birth weight of the baby.

Opt for Natural Colors

To minimise these risks, pregnant women are advised to play Holi with homemade natural colors. These natural colurs can be made from ingredients like spinach, coriander, beetroot, turmeric, seasonal flowers. You may be double sure about colours bought from market be 100% herbal.

Avoid Bhaag and such bad things

With Holi often accompanied by cannabis(bhaang) consumption. Pregnant women are advised strongly to maintain distance from such intoxicant. Recipes incorporating cannabis, such as Bhang Pakodas or Bhang Gujiyas, should be avoided.

Mindful Eating and Drinking

Consciousness of food and drink choices is imperative during Holi. Pregnant women should stay away from spicy, oily, and chili-laden foods as much as possible. Though eating small portion is not a bad idea but be in control. Additionally, Holi played using water is a common practice. Watery surface increase the threat of slipping or falling. This should be avoided to prevent potential accidents that could harm the unborn child.

Skin Care during Pregnancy

Sensitive skin during pregnancy necessitates additional care. Wearing full-sleeved clothes, moisturizing hands, feet, and face, and oiling the hair are essential practices for maintaining healthy skin. Do apply good layers of mustard or coconut oil all over body including hairs to be ready to play holi safely.

Avoiding Crowded Places

To mitigate the risk of infections, pregnant women are advised to avoid crowded places during Holi. This precaution ensures a safe and enjoyable celebration without compromising the well-being of the mother and baby in womb.


By adhering to these precautions, pregnant women can navigate the Holi festivities with joy and safety. Prioritizing health ensures that the festival is not just memorable but also contributes to a healthy and thriving pregnancy.

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