When From First Day Of Pregnancy Is Counted

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When does the first month of pregnancy begin, when from the first month is counted? Pregnant women remain very confused regarding this. Even if she goes to the doctor, many times she does not understand when her first month is starting?

So in this article we will clear your doubts about when your first month starts, and what things you should keep in mind before conceiving.

Remember the first day of your last period

If your pregnancy is positive then you must clearly remember the first day of your last menstruation. When was your last menstruation and what was its first day?

Because many times it happens that you do not remember this date and the doctor asks you this very date. If you do not remember then this will also be considered as carelessness on your part. In such a situation the doctor may even scold you.

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When does the first month of pregnancy start

Now the main thing comes that how are the pregnancy months counted, where will the first month start? When you conceive, the countdown to your pregnancy starts even before you conceive.

No one can know exactly when you conceived. Even doctors can’t tell you what day your conception was. In such a situation, your first month of pregnancy starts counting from the first day of your last menstrual period.

When does the first month of pregnancy end

Next time when your periods are about to come and if you have conceived, you will definitely not get periods because the most significant early symptom of pregnancy is that you miss your period. So the day you miss your period, one month of your pregnancy is completed.

During this time, most women do not even realize that their first month has already passed. Because as soon as they miss their period in the first month or a few days after that, they start checking their pregnancy.

How to track your pregnancy

But there are women who plan very well, who track everything. By tracking her ovulation days and whether she has missed her periods after intercourse, she will be able to understand her first month better.

Pregnancy can be detected by doing a pregnancy test at home or by going to the doctor and getting a blood test done to see whether you have conceived or not.

In this also, as long as HCG hormone, also known as pregnancy hormone, is found in your test, only then you will know whether you have conceived or not.

When to do pregnancy test to get correct results

Many times women start doing their home pregnancy test immediately after missing their period, due to which many times they do not get accurate results.

But if you do a home pregnancy test eight to ten days after your missed period, there is a high chance that your test will be accurate, whether it is positive or negative.

If the secretion of HCG hormone has started properly in your body, your pregnancy appears positive.

So we hope that now you have understood from when the first month is counted and your doubt has been cleared. If you liked this article then share the video and do not forget to subscribe and follow garbhgyan.com for free. Thank you.

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