Belly Button Gives Baby Boy Symptom During Pregnancy | Pain and Itching Around Navel In Pregnancy

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In this article we will explore about the changes you will see around your navel that is the belly button. In some cases during pregnancy, the navel can come out, in some cases it can go inward. There could be itching in the area,  there could be pain around the navel, the skin around the navel can stretch. Also there are a lot of speculations like whether the belly button going inside or coming outside indicates that there is a baby boy or a baby girl in the womb. So these are the prime things that we will cover in this article so let’s get started.

Why navel changes

So it all happens because your uterus is growing during this period and due to which the skin is stretching and thus navel shape and size can change. It can give you pain, sometimes it can give you itching, dryness in and around the belly button. About the color changes of the navel and around it is primarily due to the high level of melanin that is getting produced during pregnancy. So some pregnant women may see that there is a change of color around the navel and this is is a quite common thing. This will happen during pregnancy and after the delivery, the things will be settling on their own.

Itching around navel

Now let us first understand what you should not do whenever you are having this sort of itching or pain around the navel. This is quite common thing so first of all you have to understand this. Do not try to itch a lot. If it is irritating a lot you should not directly itch on the area because this can also give you a marks around and it can also be a reason for the infection. If you are facing this problem of pain, itching, stretching and you’re touching your navel again and again, out of nothing it can give you infection over there. So just make it sure that you are not touching your belly button again and again so as to invite any sort of infection.

Now what you can do in the scenario of itching? You can use any soft towel, use it instead of directly touching your other button. You should be using this towel to itch around or rub slowly so as to alleviate the situation. Make it sure that you are not overdoing it because it will again worsen the condition. Navel is of high import during pregnancy because the placenta that is the prime part which serves food and nutrients to the baby via the umbilical cord is near around the belly button.  Don’t tamper with it, it is of high importance.

Precaution during pain and itching

Let us now understand some of the precautions that you can take so as to lower down this problem of itching and pain around your belly button.

Stay hydrated

First of all you have to keep your body hydrated. This is of utmost importance so as to minimize the stretching. For this, it is quite simple, you have to drink at least three litres of water per day during pregnancy. You can eat fruits and drink fruit juices for hydrating your body. This will give you lot of nutrients as well as it will hydrate your body.

Use moisturiser

Second is to apply a good moisturizer. Keep on applying the moisturizer whenever you are feeling that the area is getting dried up. It is very important to apply moisturizer around the area after taking the bath because once you take bath, the natural oil from the skin is washed off. This can lead to irritation, itching and stretching of the skin more. So to resume the elasticity of your skin, apply moisturizer after taking bath.

Treat your water for bathing

When you are bathing it is also important to treat your water first. It will be better for you if you can drop one spoonful of coconut oil in your bathing water bucket. This is a very good way to lower down the stretching problems. So in case you do not have the moisturizer, you can also apply coconut oil all over your body and also around the belly button. Coconut oil is highly beneficial to reduce the itching. It is also very good for your skin as it contains vitamin-A. If you have other things like aloe-vera gel or almond oil, it will also serve the same purpose as coconut oil.

Desi ghee

Another very good thing you can do to abate this problem of itching around the navel is whenever you are going to sleep at night, if there is availability of desi ghee, that is a clarified butter, you can put this desi ghee in your navel. Two to three drops will do. This will ensure that your navel is not getting dried up and you will not face this problem of pain or stretching around the navel. If you do not have the availability of the clarified butter or the Desi ghee, you can also use mustard oil. This works as well.

So these are the few things, few precautions and measures you can take to reduce the pain and stretching around the belly button.

Baby gender prediction from navel

Now we will understand whether naval being outwards or inwards indicate anything about the gender of the baby inside the womb. It’s an old saying or an old wives tale that if the navel is outward it indicates that there is a baby boy in the womb and vice versa if the navel is going inwards it is a sign of a baby girl. However let us clear one thing that these are all proverbs, has been only a saying since past and old times and there is no scientific proof in it. So let’s keep all these things aside and follow all the things that we have told in this article to alleviate your itching and stretching around belly button.

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