Blueberry During Pregnancy – Benefits & Considerations

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Whether you can eat blueberries during pregnancy or not. What all benefits you will get out of eating blueberries, what all things you should always keep in your mind before consuming blueberries. We will cover all these things in this article about blueberries during pregnancy.

Blueberries are very delicious and good to eat during pregnancy because it has got good vitamin-C content. Which will boost your immune system and keep the viral infections, cold and cough, these type of small problems at bay. Also vitamin-C will help in the absorption of iron in the blood which is very much important for the production of haemoglobin in your blood. This will alleviate you from the problems like anaemia and also Low Hb Count.

Blueberry are rich in antioxidant. It will keep the oxidative stress at bay during pregnancy.During pregnancy, there are mood swings, there are problems like “Pregnancy Brain” – when you will be forgetting the things, you will be picking up the quarrel. So these all come under the “Pregnancy Brain” during Pregnancy. So this problem will be reduced. So this fruit is so much good to protect your nerves from the oxidative stress.

Whenever you are feeling hungry in between your meal time, if you are any time hungry you can eat blueberries. Because it will also not increase your weight as it has got very low fat content. As already said that blueberry is a great source of antioxidant, so it will help in protecting any sort of cardiovascular complications.That means it is very much beneficial for the health of your baby also it is very good to maintain and appropriate blood pressure. This will relieve you from the problems like preeclampsia which is primarily very high blood pressure during pregnancy leading to lots of complications to preterm delivery.

Blueberry have got good amount of dietary fiber which will regulate your bowel movements. In nutshell it will help you in problems like constipation and other stomach disorders.

Blueberries are great source of potassium which will prevent and control the hypertension during pregnancy.

It will help in the baby’s development because it has got good amount of folate which will prevent lots of diseases like spina-bifida, neural tube disorders, whose probability are quite high in the first trimester . The folic acid content in blueberries is very much important for the overall development and the initial development of the baby in the womb like the brain development, the muscular development and the nervous system.

Also blueberries has got good amount of polyphenol and calcium which will help in development of the bones of the baby in the womb. As vitamin-C is in abundance in blueberry it will help in the absorption of iron. Thereby reducing the risk of low birth weight in the new born baby.

So blueberries is good for you as well as for the baby’s development in the womb but make it sure that you are picking up only organic blueberries, free from the pesticides and the insecticides and also check on the quantity.

You should not be eating blueberries in more amount. Only five to seven blueberries per day is good for you. Also it will be good if you can consult your before including blueberries in your diet.

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