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8 November Lunar Eclipse and Precautions For Pregnancy

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Lunar eclipse is going to happen on 8th November 2022. This will be the last eclipse of the year 2022, which will fall on the day of Kartik Purnima. In this article, you will get all the information about the exact exact time it will take in India or not, whether it is partial, complete or in what way this eclipse is going to happen. You are pregnant and the eclipse becomes very effective during pregnancy.

Lunar eclipse and religious beliefs

This eclipse will be seen on the full moon day of Kartik month and the festival of Dev Diwali is also celebrated on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha. Its importance increases further due to the fall of Diwali on the day of lunar eclipse. Religious beliefs say that a lunar eclipse has negative effects on human life. For pregnant women, small children, eclipse can cause some side effects. Therefore, pregnant women should be very careful during lunar eclipse.

If you are in a country other than India then this time is given in IST, you need to convert this time according to your timezone.

8 November 2022 lunar eclipse time in India (as per IST)

Lunar eclipse will start from  –  5:35 pm
Middle –  6:19 pm
End at –  7:26 pm

The Sutak period of the lunar eclipse will start at 5.35 am and will continue till around 7 am the next day. Sutak period starts 9 hours before the lunar eclipse.

Where will it appear

It will be seen in Southern/Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean including India.

What precautions should pregnant women take during this time

This eclipse is going to be visible in India. So the Sutak will be valid which starts 9 hours before the eclipse. During this, special care should be taken of worship etc. and food and drink, all these things are prohibited. So the sutak will be valid, anyway there is a relaxation in food for pregnant women and for sick and old people. But some precautions should still be taken by pregnant women. such as

Dont see the eclipse

Eclipses have negative and polluting effects in our atmosphere. Therefore, an eclipse is said to have a negative effect. Its negative effects are especially seen in pregnant women during the eclipse. It is believed that if you watch the eclipse with the naked eye, then your child will have red rashes, red marks appear on his/her body. So you do not have to see the eclipse with the naked eye, anyway you should not see the eclipse even if you want to see it by wearing glasses.

Stay at home

You should stay in such a room in the house during the eclipse period where the rays of the sun or the moon are not falling. Pregnant women should not go out during the eclipse. If you are going out during this time due to urgent work or emergency, then you have to cover your head and go out during this time wearing goggles. Keep one more thing in mind, whenever you are going out, you should apply sandalwood, basil and kusha grass on your stomach. By doing this, the negative and corrupt waves of the eclipse do not harm you.

Basil leaf (Tulsi) during eclipse

As per hindu mythology If basil leaves are put in food items, then this food is not contaminated during eclipse. You can have such food during this time. Before the eclipse, you should put basil leaves in the drinking water and whatever food you want to eat.

Do not touch any sharp object

During eclipse, avoid working in the kitchen. Because there are chances that you would cut vegetables with a knife. During eclipse, knives or sharp things, whatever they are, should not be used and even touched. No scissors work, needle work is to be done. It is believed that if you use, hold or touch sharp or sharp things in this way, then the parts of the baby can get cut somewhere in the womb. So these are old beliefs, things told by elders, on which a lot of people believe. So if you have faith then you must believe these things and take care

Pregnant is prohibited from eating during eclipse

Talking about food and drink, you may eat food items that has added tulsi leaves before eclipse. So it is not that if there is an eclipse, then you should not eat or drink at all. But yes if the eclipse is of short duration, if you can bear it, then do not eat or drink anything during this period. If you cant bear hunger or thirst, then as you have already been told that you can eat water or food in which basil leaves are put before eclipse starts.

Worship and temple visit is prohibited

During the eclipse, worship, etc. is prohibited. During eclipse, the doors of the temple should be closed and you should sit in the room and chant the mantras. If you recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra, chant Gayatri Mantra, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, then it can be very fruitful for you. You should worship the Lord Chandra during this time. You and your unborn baby will also get a lot of benefit from it.

What to do when eclipse ends

After the eclipse ends, you must take a bath. Wash the clothes you are wearing and put on the washed clothes. Sprinkle Gangajal in the house, sprinkle Gangajal on yourself. You must also sprinkle Gangajal in your place of worship. After this, you may eat food that is freshly prepared.

So in this way, you can make the lunar eclipse on 8 November 2022 very beneficial by taking these precautions so that there is no side effect of eclipse during pregnancy.

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