How To Reduce Labour Pain During Normal Delivery

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In this article you will know some tips to reduce labor pain and increase the chances of normal delivery. Pregnant women have this fear that they will have pain in normal delivery, which is also quite true. Now this pain cannot be completely eliminated but it can definitely be reduced. Here are some tips for you that you should follow when the delivery month is there.

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Sit down while moping

When you sit down while mopping, the mouth of the uterus that is cervix becomes flexible and strengthens. If the cervix does not open or become flexible, it will be difficult for the baby to come out at the time of delivery and you will also feel pain. Mopping sitting down is beneficial, but if you feel tired, or your pregnancy is high risk, then do not do this.

Must eat ghee

In the last month that is in the 9th month of pregnancy, you must eat ghee(clarified butter) so that the mouth of the uterus i.e. the cervix remains lubricated.This will let the baby feel less friction while coming out during normal delivery. This is going to be helpful for both mother and baby. When the delivery is near, drink 2 or 3 spoonful of castor oil as well, this will make delivery easier and pain will also be reduced.

Do exercise and walking

In the 9th month, especially when your body becomes heavy, do not rest much. You have to keep doing light exercise, keep walking, do small household chores. Keep yourself active. All these make your body strong and muscles flexible and you get relief from pain during normal delivery.

Use the Indian toilet seat

When you use the Indian toilet seat, you come in a squatting position. This opens the cervix and make it flexible so that the baby does not have any problem in coming out during normal delivery.

Food and Drink

Pay special attention to diet in the 9th month. There should be a good amount of vitamins, protein, calcium, fat and iron in your diet. You can consume fruits like pineapple, papaya to induce labor.

So there were some tips that you can follow and reduce your labor pain. Before following these tips, do consult your doctor once because your doctor knows exactly what is right for your pregnancy and what is not. Do not follow these remedies if your pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy. Thank you for reading this article.

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