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Numbness in hands and feet during pregnancy

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During pregnancy many pregnant women have problems like tingling and numbness in hands and feet. Lot of pain in the soles of the feet, it seems as if someone is pricking a pin.  Clangour in feet and hands of  pregnant women, if this problem persists in pregnant women, then it is of some great danger.


Is Numbness Serious:

It can be a critical sign, although , due to many hormonal changes in pregnancy you may have problems in many ways but if you have tingling, sensation in your feet, numbness persists for a long time, then it may lead to lack of blood in body. You may have anaemia this time. 

By the way, when you go to the doctor visit, from time to time the doctor does your blood test, checks the iron in your body, checks for calcium, vitamins etc. and many more tests are done during this period. But if you have a lot of tingling, a lot of numbness, then you understand that your body is losing blood during this time. 

 During pregnancy, many changes come in the body of pregnant women, along with it there is a shortage of many things. Due to which pregnant women are given supplements by the doctor, supplements of vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium etc. If there is a deficiency of vitamin-c in your body, you start getting numbness, tingling etc. in your feet. Apart from this, when pregnant women gradually gain their weight, the baby starts taking shape inside womb, the body starts becoming too heavy. If the woman is sitting in the same gesture for a long time, then there is pressure in the veins of the legs and due to this there is slow blood circulation. That reduced blood flow results in stiffness, cramps, and tingling


Main Reason of Numbness:

So the main reason is the lack of vitamin-c, lack of iron and  sitting in the same posture for a long time. Because of all these problems it is very important not to sit in one place for a long time. Keep changing your sitting posture, change your position, get up for a while, walk for a while, sometimes lie down, sometimes turn to the other side. 


Now how do you have to improve blood circulation:

To improve blood circulation, you have to walk daily, at least twenty minutes in the morning and 20 minutes walk in the evening. You have to walk from the beginning of pregnancy till the EDD. It will also be very helpful for you in having your normal delivery. So when you do this, there will be no pressure in the veins of your feet, your blood circulation will be good. When your blood circulation is good your tingling and numbness problem will resolve.

Secondly you can massage or get your feet massaged. Thirdly, take lukewarm water in a bucket and cold water in one, put a little rock salt in it and for some time keep your in lukewarm water, that is, for five to seven minutes, then in cold water, if you follow this process two or three times, then the problem in your feet will start reducing. 

Apart from this you can do acupressure. If you have some kind of acupressure machine which is manual, if you have this type of machine or you can take it using BUY NOW button below


That is, you take fruits in large quantities, drink juices from which you get vitamin C. So you must do all these things. You will get benefit. I hope this article must have been helpful for you.Thanks for reading. Take Care.

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