When Does First Heartbeat of Baby In Womb Come : What if baby’s heartbeat fails to come

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You can hear your babys heartbeat a few weeks after you conceive. Hearing your babys heartbeat for the first time is a wonderfully memorable and lifechanging experience for any parent. Hearing a babys heartbeat for the first time in the womb is nothing less than the firstHellobetween a parent and the unborn child.

This first heartbeat of the unborn baby tells many things about the baby. When is the babys first heartbeat heard in the womb and if there is no heartbeat by this time, when can we hear the heartbeat again? You will know all this information in this article.

When is baby heartbeat heard first time in womb 

Pregnancy is calculated by month or weekhow many months or how many weeks your pregnancy has been. Babys heartbeat in womb usually can be heard anytime between 5.5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. During this time if you get your ultrasound done, you can clearly hear your babys heartbeat. If you cannot hear your babys heartbeat during this time, you can listen to this heartbeat with the help of Doppler at your next visit.

When is next ultrasound done to detect baby’s heartbeat in womb

But if youre going to the doctor after a few weeks, youll likely have an sonography between the eighth and ninth week, called a Dating and Viability Scan, during which you can easily hear heartbeat of the baby in womb. This heartbeat is between 120 and 180 bpm (bpmbeats per minute) which is twice as fast as normal.

But what happens when women miss this scan too, when will you hear your babys heartbeat? After this next ultrasound, called Nuchal Translucency (NT), where you can clearly hear your babys heartbeat. This nuchal translucency (NT scan) is very important.

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What if baby’s heartbeat fails to come

If even by this time the babys heartbeat is not heard in the womb, then it is a serious matter and in such a situation, the doctor may advise you to have an abortion. And it is also possible that your doctor may suggest this even before the NT scan.


So you can hear your babys first heartbeat at about six weeks of the pregnancy. Hope this article is useful for you. Dont forget to share this article. Thank you

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