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Delay in baby bump during pregnancy – What it signifies

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Baby bump visibility in the first trimester

The belly of pregnant women does not bulge in the initial stages, but gradually as the months keep on increasing, the weeks keep increasing, the stomach of women starts to bulge. Women who are becoming a mother for the first time, they do not understand this abdominal bulge quickly. Many times what happens is that pregnant women have the problem of flatulence, the stomach starts becoming a little tight, the stomach comes outwards. So women feel that their baby bump is bulging, but it happens due to flatulence in the initial months of pregnancy.

When will the belly appear in the first pregnancy

Women who are becoming pregnant for the first time may notice a bulge in the abdomen between twelve and fifteen weeks (about 4 months). But those women who are becoming mothers for the second time, they start seeing this baby bump soon. This is because of the more flexibility in the muscles of secondtime pregnant women as compared to firsttime pregnant women.

Delay in Baby Bump Visibility 

Sometimes it also depends on the position of the uterus, at which position your uterus is. Women who are tall, are said that ,those women see a bulge in the stomach after a while. Women who are of short height, the bulge in the abdomen starts appearing between twelve to sixteen weeks of pregnancy. So you dont have to worry too much that I am sixteen weeks pregnant now and not getting a bulge in my stomach.

Baby OK in the womb or not

Many things can trouble you during this time. The bulge which is there in the stomach will gradually become visible in coming months. So you dont have to worry about it at all. You have to keep visiting your doctor from time to time for check ups. By doing this, your doctor will keep telling you the correct information about the development of the baby in the womb. If your ultrasound reports are absolutely fine, and normal, you are also feeling healthy, then you do not have to worry at all.

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