Which Saffron Is Best For Pregnancy and Why

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Saffron that is kesar(in hindi) has wide health benefits but specially saffron is consumed for numerous reasons during pregnancy planning, pregnancy journey and even after delivery of baby.


  1. Saffron milk helps in sound sleep. It relieves pregnant women of very common problems like leg cramps and muscular pains.
  2. Helpful in improving digestion, lowers mood swing issues and depression and other stomach related disorders.
  3. Helps in improving men and women fertility and mood.
  4. Believed to improve baby skin texture in womb.

How To use : Use as per season. In hot season max. 1 or 2 strands per day and in cold season max 3 to 5 per day.

Making Saffron Milk : Put the saffron stands in milk and let it boil for 3 to 4 mins. Let it cool down or you can drink it in lukewarm state.

Which Saffron to use : There are many spurious saffron in the market, so always go for A++ class saffron good for pregnancy.




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