When Cold And Cough Happens In Pregnancy – How Do The Baby In Womb Reacts

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Cold and cough during pregnancy

Cold and cough during pregnancy is a very common problem but it is not at all very normal for pregnant women. It has to be treated in a different way because this is your pregnancy and you cannot go ahead and take any medicines for cold or cough that you used to take when you were not pregnant. As the immune system of pregnant women is very low she is highly prone to get cold and cough.

When to see doctor

Definitely this is not a very good situation for you and for your baby as well. It is a humble request that do not go for any normal medicines for treating your code and cough. If the problem is getting severe, it’s not getting better even after a week’s time, then definitely you should go and see your doctor. If you are seeing a doctor other than your gynaecologist, it is your responsibility to tell them that you are pregnant. Because the doctor will give you medicines according to your pregnancy so that the baby will not face any problem in the womb.

Ginger and honey

But in case you feel you can tolerate it for a week, because this is the time when cold and cough usually come and go, so you can also adopt some of the home remedies. Like you can go for ginger and honey tea. This is very very good for you. You can roast a 1 inch piece of ginger on flame, dip in honey and pink salt and you can keep it in your mouth so as to extract the juice. This will help you in decreasing your problem of cold and cough.

Turmeric milk

You can try one more remedy that is you can go for the turmeric milk. For that you need to boil one pinchful of turmeric in 1 glass of milk. Let it cool down so that the milk is warm and then you can consume it. This is very very good remedy you can try it out anytime you want. If you take it at night just before going to bed then it will have more benefits.

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