5 Big Changes In Leg During Pregnancy:  Baby Boy Symptoms in womb

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The changes that occur in your feet during pregnancy can also give the idea that your baby will be a boy or a girl.

Boy in the womb: Why is this desire

If you already have a son, you may wish for a daughter. If you have a daughter, you will want a son. Although in todays era, whether it is a son or a daughter, both are equal. There is no discrimination amongst gender but everyone wants their family to be completed  a boy and a girl.

In this article I will also share my personal experience at my time of pregnancy to validate these symptomsdid it prove right for me or not?

5 Signs of having a boy in the womb: how to know

Swelling in feet

It is said that if there is a lot of swelling in your feet, then the baby in womb is a boy. Talking about myself, when my fifth month of pregnancy was going on, I had a lot of swelling since that time. I was so swollen that I could not even walk. But in my time this has been proved wrong. That means I gave birth to a girl.

Hair growth on legs

If the hair in your legs is growing rapidly or is becoming very hard, then it is said that the baby is a boy in the womb. On the contrary, if your hair falls short, remains soft, then the baby in your womb is a girl. It is said that when you have a baby boy in your womb, the male hormones are secreted more and if the baby is a girl then the female hormones are secreted more. I didnt have much hair growth or any changes I saw. So this second statement has proved to be absolutely correct in my time.

Pain in the legs

It is said that during this time if you are having pain in your feet and if there is pain in your right leg then the baby is a boy in the womb. And on the contrary, if you are having pain in the left leg, then it’s a baby girl. To tell my story, there was not much pain in my legs at all during pregnancy. Neither in the left nor in the right, but sometimes when it happened, I would have pain in both the legs.

Cracked heels

It is believed that if the ankles start cracking during pregnancy that means it’s a baby girl in the womb. And if your heels are soft, not cracked at all, then these are signs of having a baby boy in the womb. My heels were not torn even at that time, so according to that statement, this statement is absolutely wrong.

How do you start walking

It is said that if a pregnant woman raises her right leg while starting a walk, then it is said that the baby in your womb is a boy. If you raise your left foot first while walking, then there are chances of  girl child. So talking about myself, I can not recall at all, which leg I used to lift first while walking. That is why I will not be able to verify this point. Kindly comment us according to your experience on this point.

Signs of having a boy in the womb: How accurate

Aged and experienced people on the basis of their experiences, old wives tales and elder tell on the basis of their experience that you can make and idea of babys gender in womb. From the changes that occur in the feet, you can also guess whether the fetus is a boy or a girl. Many times these conjectures have also proved to be true but they are not 100% correct. There is no scientific basis for this, only the things heard somewhere.


These symptoms have no scientific basis whatsoever. So do not think that the symptoms which I have told if visible in you, then the baby is a boy in the womb or vice vera . Every womans pregnancy is different, every womans body type is different. The level of hormonal changes involved in it varies. So women can have different changes in their feet and leg during this time. 

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