Rashmika Mandanna Deepfake Video Went Viral For Bad Reason | Who is Zara Patel

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Rashmika Mandanna Viral Video

The not-so-good viral video of actress Rashmika Mandanna (Rashmika Mandanna Video Goes Viral For Bad Reason ) on internet is just and example of how seriously toxic modern technologies like Artificial intelligence i.e. AI, machine learning and deepfake can be used.


What Actually Happened

If you do not know what we are talking about, let us tell you that someone uploaded AI generated video of actress Rashmika Manadanna on the internet and it went viral for all bad reasons. The infographics are bit obscene and at least not the way the Pushpa movie fame girl carries herself.

Deep Reality of Deepfake Video of Rashmika Mandanna

However the original video features Zara Patel(Who is Zara Patel), who is an Instagram creator with 4.7 Lakhs followers. Zara posted this video on her instagram account on 9th October. She is active on Instagram with her Reels. As per Zara Patel’s Instagram account, she is a full time engineer. She is also mental health advocate. She is raised in Britain. While checking her Instagram account, we found out that she is making Reels with bold scenes invariably.The reality of deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna lies in this video.


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Reacting on the unfair use of Deepfake technology, Rajeev Chandrashekar, the Union Minister of Electronics and IT has also given statement.


This tweet has come from Amitabh Bachchan account qouting this act as illegal.


Though influencial people have started tweeting about this bad example of deepfake technology, the actress Rashmika Mandanna (how real is Rashmika Mandanna deepfake video) herself has taken aback and tweeted about how dangerously serious this AI and allied technology can be.


What is Deepfake

Deepfake is amalgamation of technologies like artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML. This Deepfake can be used to train machine with algorithm of human gestures and audio that is voice. Deepfake technology examples can be making any image into a video, changing the face in any video by any other face but keeping the gestures and emotions intact.

This Deepfake and Artificial intelligence can have many use cases. Some can be good but mostly and widely seen use cases are more on dangerous side. We remember what Elon Musk quoted once about AI and which is eventually turning into reality.

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