After 4th month of pregnancy, sleeping posture matters a lot

Sleeping on back down leads to constipation, piles, acidity, difficulty in breathing, back pain and problem in blood circulation

Probability of leg cramps increases when pregnant women sleep on her back.

Sleeping on stomach is  like squeezing baby in womb. Suppressing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to baby in womb

Correct sleeping position would be sleeping on your left hand side turn. This is best position

Sleeping Right hand side turn is also Ok but use this position for short durations.

Sleep taking left hand or right side let baby to breathe properly and blood circulation is not obstructed

While sleeping you should bend your legs and keep a pillow in between your two knees to avoid inflammation.

Pregnant women should get up from bed slowly slowly from the left side only. 

Do not drink much water at night else washroom visit for toilet will ruin your sleep quality