By the 12th  week, the baby in your womb is only the size of a lemon

By the 24th week, the size of the baby in the womb is approx size of a musk-melon

If its your first time pregnancy your baby bump may appear bit late. 

Usually by the end of 4th month, most of pregnant women have clear baby bump

Low baby bump or delay in baby bump appearance is OK if your gynaecologist has shown no concern

Baby bump size is not always an indicator of baby growth inside womb

Best is to never skip your doctor's visit and not to panic about baby bump size. If there is concern, doctor will address at right time.

Taller women and fat women may report of small baby bump more. But this is again undesired stress if you visit your gynaecologist on time.

In 3rd Trimester baby bump increases rapidly. So be patient till then. Always consult your gynae if you have doubt.

Low Baby Bump is not a matter of inferiority complex. We saw many factors may be responsible for the same.