Buttermilk is also known as Lassi/Chaach/Mattha/Chaas

Is Buttermilk Good During Pregnancy

Healthy bacteria, carbohydrates, lactose , vitamin-C, vitamin-B,  iron, potassium, phosphorus

Nutrients in buttermilk

Add pinch of black salt and roasted cumin powder in a glass of buttermilk and drink it.

Beneficial in stomach disorders

Drink a glass of buttermilk mixed with celery(ajwain)

Relieves constipation

If you mix mint leaves with buttermilk, then it works as a very good detoxifier

Acts as an detoxifier

Mix sugar-candy(misri), black pepper and rock salt in buttermilk and drink it daily

Beneficial in acidity and heartburn

The bioactive protein in buttermilk controls blood pressure and strengthens immunity

Boosts immunity

Calcium and potassium in buttermilk helps make baby bones strong

Beneficial for the baby in the womb

Protein in buttermilk helps in the overall development of the baby in the womb

Beneficial for the baby in the womb

* Buttermilk should be fresh and not sour * Do not drink in fever *Don't drink in skin related problem like eczema