From the 4th month till the 6th month of pregnancy, it’s the Second Trimester

Pregnancy journey may be full of trouble for you, however second trimester of pregnancy is bit comfortable

The problems of morning sickness and excessive vomiting that gave you bad times in the first trimester tend to get sorted

Some pregnant women can also experience the trouble of bleeding from the nostril

Due to the excessive development of melanin, you might notice dark patches on your face

Avoid direct daylight exposure, and if necessary, use sunscreen lotion while stepping out

Many pregnant women observe stretch marks in this trimester. Baby grows and skin expands so keep your body hydrated and moisturized

In 2nd trimester, you could see a black line growing in the center of your stomach vertically up from lower abdomen. Its Linea NIgra and a common thing.

Various old wives’ tales relate to this line in predicting the baby’s gender, however none of them are proven scientifically 

As your body expands, you would require maternity bra due to the boom in breast size

You may also observe leakage out of your nipples. This is normal and shows your baby is getting ready to breastfeed baby

Some pregnant women may also report about urinary tract infections (UTI). Ache or burning sensation at the time of urinating, a bad smell and likely fever. See Your Doctor.

Leg cramps in 2nd trimester while sleeping are common thing. Drink saffron milk, staying hydrated, and taking a warm water bath earlier than bedtime is a good resort