Due to itching, neither the woman is able to take proper care of herself nor the child in her womb

The skin of many pregnant women starts getting dry and because of this pregnant women start getting itching problems

Hormonal changes

Body expands as the baby grows in womb or due to swelling as well this may happen.

Stretching of body parts

Many times women have the problem of eczema for the first time only during pregnancy or it may be that you had eczema in childhood

Eczema problem

You have to do is drink more water. You have to take care of dryness in your body or whether your body is not getting dehydrated

How To Prevent Itching

Keep a good moisturizer for yourself. Apply moisturizer on your hands and feet

Apply moisturiser

Before taking a bath, you should add a few drops of coconut oil in the water or you should use neem water during this time

Use coconut oil

Nowadays a lot of scented things come or there is deo etc., you do not have to use them during this time

Avoid scents

itching means a baby boy in the womb. This is old wives tale and there is no scientific proof for this old saying. So avoid such things.

A Baby Boy Symptoms

Stretch marks are common problem during pregnancy. They also causes itching. Try to moisturise and hydrate self.

Stretch Marks