9 Reasons Why Cauliflower is eaten during pregnancy. Also know what precautions to take.

Vitamin-C is found in abundance in cauliflower is important for making up the weakening immunity of the pregnant women

Helps boost immunity

The folate helps in reducing any birth defect in the baby and keep the neural tube disorders at bay

Good source of folate

Both folate and vitamin-C found in califlower are powerful antioxidants that keep the blood clean

Natural blood purifier

Vitamin-K, iron, fibre, potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus is found in cauliflower, which is very good for the cells and bones of the baby

Baby's bones and cell formation

Help in reducing problems like body pain and sudden leg cramps at night while sleeping

Reduces leg cramps

Due to low calorie content in cauliflower, it does not accumulate fat in your body and your weight remains under control

Helps in weight management

The fluctuations of blood pressure that occur in the third trimester of pregnancy can also be controlled by eating cauliflower

Regulates BP

When you eat cauliflower, you keep off urinary problems such as burning sensation while urinating, urine infection and itching

Helps prevent UTI

Selenium, the element found in it, also keeps your immune system healthy and your thyroid level under control

Maintains thyroid level

– Avoid in arthritis, kidney stones and uric acid. Purine in cauliflower can increase your problems. - eat in limit to avoid constipation and bloating.