6 Reasons why back pain occurs during pregnancy  5 Tips to get relief from such back pain in pregnancy

As the baby's weight increases, you will feel its weight below, which will go around your pelvic bone till your waist

Weight gain

As your baby bump comes outside, the spine which was straight earlier starts bending to develop Lordosis

Spinal curvature

Progesterone and Relaxin hormones make bones mobile and  body flexible to accomodate increasing stomach size. Nerves get stuck in between  moving bones and cause back pain

Effects of Hormonal changes 

Hip bone normally remains slightly tilted towards the front. But when the stomach comes forward, the hip bone tilts more forward to give pressure on the back

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

When sitting or walking with a forward lean, getting up or sitting too fast also puts pressure on the waist and your back will pain.

Incorrect Posture

If you sleep in the wrong way like on your back, then all the weight will fall on your back and your back pain will increase further

Sleeping in the wrong way

Keep correct posture, sit straight, do not bend your legs. Getting up from bed taking left turn and do it slowly

Sit and walk correctly

How to reduce back pain

The mattress that sinks in and your body remains in a wrong posture for too long, then it will cause back pain. Use a medium to hard mattress

Choose a medium hard mattress

Go for a good masseuse who knows how to do it during pregnancy. Your hip bone can be slightly upperized during massage

Waist and back massage

Keep pillows under your feet, your hip bone will flex slightly, thighs will bend slightly. With this, the pressure you have on the pelvic bone and the muscles pulling on the back will be reduced

Place Pillows under your feet

Always sleep on your left hand side. This will not cause back pain and the baby will also get proper nutrition

Change your sleeping pattern