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Welcome to “GarbhGyan Pregnancy Calculator”, a mobile application/app.

Every woman has the right to become a mother and it is the most pleasurable experience for every woman. GarbhGyan app is an effort to make your journey from conception to pregnancy easy. 

In this app, the hassle of calculating the delivery date, weeks, months, trimester of pregnancy have been reduced. You just need to enter your last menstrual periods and all the important dates and statistics will be calculated using the formulae. 

With this there is a disclaimer that these dates and calculations are just approximate ideas and in no way should be taken as a substitute to you seeing your health care provider. Its important to see your health care provider as per scheduled visits to get the precise information about your pregnancy progress. Every pregnancy is different and so is every woman. 

For more details on pregnancy tips and information you can always visit our pregnancy blog/website.