Know what are 10 such changes that you will notice during pregnancy and how to take care of them

10 Pregnancy Changes

Gain anywhere from 25-35 pounds (10-15 kgs) during pregnancy is normal. Regular exercise or walking, can help you maintain a healthy weight

Weight gain

Try to get plenty of rest and sleep, and avoid over-scheduling yourself. Take rest in between of work


Try eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, avoid foods and smells that trigger your symptoms

Nausea and vomiting

Use a pregnancy pillow  while sleeping and maternity belt  to support your back while day time.

Back pain

Try to elevate your feet when you can, avoid standing or sitting for prolonged periods, and drink 3-4 litres of water per day.


Avoid eating too much spicy, oily and stale food. Better stick to home cooked food with less oil and spices. Eat fresh


Eat a high-fibre diet and get regular exercise and walking. Its better to drink warm water always during pregnancy


Talk to friends and family for support, practice self-care. You should keep yourself engaged. You may watch comedy TV shows and read interesting books

Mood swings

Keep your skin clean and moisturised, and avoid using harsh skincare products. Make sure that skin care products you are using are pregnancy safe

Skin changes

Try to establish a regular sleep routine, avoid stimulating activities and electronic devices before bedtime, and try relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation