14 Such Symptoms That Hint Even Before Missing Period That You Are Pregnant

You may start to feel queasy or even vomit as early as a few days after conception.

Nausea and Vomiting

Feeling exhausted and sleepy is common in early pregnancy


Because of the increased blood volume in your body and changes in hormone levels you may have headaches


Mild cramping sensation similar to menstrual cramps, but without the actual bleeding


Your breasts may feel sore, swollen, or tingly due to the increased hormone levels in your body

Breast Tenderness

You may find yourself feeling more emotional than usual, or experiencing mood swings that you can’t explain

Mood Swings

Increased blood flow to your kidneys, which increases the production of urine.

Frequent Urination

You may start to crave certain foods, or have aversions to foods that you normally enjoy

Food Craving/Aversion

Increase in progesterone, which slows down your digestive system. You may feel gassy, bloated, or even constipated.

Gastric and Bloating

This is due to increased hormone levels and can be detected by taking your basal body temperature

Rise in Temperature