Dry fruits i.e. raisins, almonds, walnuts, dates etc.  Are they safe to eat dry fruits during pregnancy

Vvitamin B1, B-9, vitamin-C, K, E and H. calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium. It also contains a good amount of dietary fiber

Nutritional Value in dry fruits

If your pregnancy is not high risk pregnancy then you can eat dry fruits from the very beginning of pregnancy

When to start eating dry fruits

Almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs, dates, foxnuts etc. are considered good to eat during pregnancy

Which all dry fruits to eat

Soak them in water overnight. Eat as first thing in morning after getting up. Remove the outer skin of almonds.

How To Eat Dry Fruits

Eating 5-6 almonds, a handful of raisins and a  walnuts and 1 fig soaked in water overnight is extremely beneficial

How Much To Eat

The amount of fibre in dry fruits is good, which removes this problem of constipation

Removes Constipation

Eat figs and raisins, to get iron from it. It helps in meeting the lack of blood in your body and elevates your haemoglobin level

Improves Hb Level

Problems such as fluctuating blood pressure, weakness, calcium deficiency can be kept away by the consumption of dry fruits

Other Benefits

Eat in limit to get maximum benefits as dry fruits are hot in potency. Always eat soaked dry fruits. 

Eat in Limit

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